LitJSON v0.3.0 released

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Release Notes

Version v0.3.0 of LitJSON has been released.

New features and improvements:

  • Exporters and importers. Custom conversions using the JsonMapper class can be made through importers and exporters. These are delegates that tell the library how to perform conversions between non-basic types (i.e. not string, int, long, double or boolean) and JSON. There are base and custom exporters/importers. The base exporters and importers are built-in delegates that currently handle simple conversions between JSON and the following value types:

    byte char DateTime decimal sbyte short ushort uint ulong

    Custom exporters and importers can be defined through JsonMapper.RegisterExporter and JsonMapper.RegisterImporter, and they override the built-in conversions.

  • Improved performance of JsonMapper.ToJson() A static JsonWriter is re-used to reduce the activity in the heap, improving performance for multiple conversions.

  • Allowing extended grammar The lexer can now accept single-quoted strings, and comments in the following forms:

    // Single-line comment

     * Multi-line comment

This way, certain forms of input coming from JavaScript that don't necessarily conform to the strict JSON grammar are allowed and succesfully parsed.

A JsonReader can be configured to accept only the strict grammar or the extended one. These extensions are allowed by default.

  • API cleanups and additions. The following members are new:

    JsonData.Count JsonMapper.RegisterExporter() JsonMapper.RegisterImporter() JsonMapper.UnregisterExporters() JsonMapper.UnregisterImporters() JsonReader.AllowComments JsonReader.AllowSingleQuotedStrings JsonWriter.Reset()

    The following overloads have been added:

    JsonMapper.ToJson(object obj, JsonWriter writer) JsonMapper.ToObject(JsonReader reader)

    The following members have been renamed:

    JsonReader.HasReachedEnd is now JsonReader.EndOfJson

Bugs fixed:

  • JsonMapper.ToJson() avoids entering an infinite recursion by defining a max nesting depth.
  • The JsonData int indexer now behaves correctly both when it acts as an array and as an object.