LitJSON v0.5.0 released

Thursday, October 4, 2007
Release Notes

Version v0.5.0 of LitJSON has been released.

New features and improvements:

  • The JsonRader class now has two properties to control the reading of data from an input stream: EndOfInput and EndOfJson. The latter becomes true whenever a complete piece of JSON text has been read, while the former is a flag that becomes true when the stream itself reaches the end. This way, reading multiple JSON texts from the same input stream is straightforward.

  • Added new base importers in JsonMapper for reading numeric values correctly into float and double members.

  • Now Enum's can be imported/exported as numeric values.

  • JsonData implements the IEquatable interface now.

API changes:

The following types are new: enum JsonType

The following methods are new: IJsonWrapper.GetJsonType() IJsonWrapper.SetJsonType()

The following properties are new: JsonReader.EndOfInput

Bug fixes:

  • Correctly import/export properties that are read-only or write-only.

  • Correctly convert null values when adding them as array elements or properties to a JsonData instance.

  • Fixed conversion of empty JSON objects and arrays.

Thanks to all the contributors that reported problems and suggested fixes for this release: Colin Alworth Ralf Callenberg andi