New organization and web site

Thursday, December 28, 2017

After the project's been a bit dormant for a while we're now happy to announce that LitJSON has now moved to it's own LitJSON GitHub organization.

Together with the new organization we're now launching this new site ( ), which will host our documentation, API reference and blog posts. A litjsonnet Twitter account, with the intention to post any announcements there too.

For community discussions we've added a LitJSON/lobby Gitter channel, which i great for questions and real-time discussions.

Mattias Karlsson as been added as a maintainer to the project and he'll try to triage pull request and issues so we in the near future can get out a new release with some long awaited bug fixes.

Post that we're planning to focus on a release to add support for .NET Standard so LitJSON can be easily consumable from i.e. .NET Core and UWP too.

And at the same time we'll be adding cross platform continuous integration and support for continuous deployment of releases to and each commit to