November, 2023

Litjson v0.19.0 released

Sunday, November 19, 2023
Release Notes

Version 0.19.0 of LitJSON has been released. Take it for a spin and give us feedback on our discussion board.

This release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes since the LitJSON 0.18.0 release! 🚀

LitJSON adds the net8.0 target framework moniker which now means it supports the following frameworks

Which 0.19.0 we also ship LitJson.Source, which is a source code NuGet package, which means LitJSON gets compiled and embedded with your application/assembly. Useful if you need a zero-dependency JSON serializer within your own code.

This release was made possible thanks to the contribution of these awesome members of the community listed below:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.